WBMBA Update – Jan. 26, 2021

Hello Wasaga sports families!! Normally by this time in the year we would have had our first registration for 2021, but as you know, nothing has been ‘normal’ for the past 10 months.

The WBMBA did not hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the fall, as there was not much to report from the 2020 season. When the original shutdowns due to COVID-19 were put in place, we were halfway through registration, and as you know, there was no house league baseball played in most of Ontario last season. Full refunds were given to those who registered.

Our league has a good supply of equipment and uniforms, as well as money in the bank, so we are better positioned to move forward than some other centres. The excellent work of the executives from the past 7+ years has made us strong!

Last week, the South Simoce Minor Baseball Association (SSMBA) held their first meeting since last fall. We are currently continuing in our ‘wait and see’ approach across the SSMBA. If things improve and some sort of baseball season develops, registrations will be last minute (anywhere from March to May, potentially) and rules and deadlines will be more relaxed. For example, uniforms usually take many weeks to order, so centres with incomplete or missing uniforms will not face any repercussions. Details on these types of rule adjustments will be discussed early in the spring.

If on-field activities are allowed to move forward this season, we hope to move ahead, given that vaccinations are underway and that we have an increased understanding of the risks. These decisions would have to be voted on by an executive.

The WBMBA would like to hold an AGM in some form in the coming weeks or months. We are not sure what form this may take – in-person if possible, either indoors or outdoors, online or by posting information/nominations and holding an online vote of some type. We will wait and see what the environment will look like in the coming weeks. For now, the executive from last year will stay in place until an AGM can establish the new council. If anyone is enthusiastic enough to want to jump aboard, things can be discussed.

If you are interested in being part of the WBMBA executive, email wasagabeachbaseball@gmail.com.

As we get closer to spring, we will share more information as it becomes available.

If you registered for baseball last year and still have the pants you received at registration, please email wasagabeachbaseball@gmail.com so that we can arrange to have them returned.

Stay safe!!
Mike Moore
President – WBMBA